Between the year 2011 and 2013, it was said that United States had faced record-breaking cough outbreaks. They have reported coming across more than forty-one thousand cases. Moreover, Vermont is the state that has a large number of cases next to Wisconsin and Minnesota. These three states have reported being not immunized their children stating personal belief and philosophical beliefs. During the 1970 period, most of the school children were vaccinated, and separate mandate laws were passed. Now several states have started to excuse itself and preventing their child from vaccination.
februThe families in all the fifty states have refused to take vaccines for various medical reasons, but it is now unclear whether the state bylaws differ and whether it would allow children and families of the children to refused the vaccination for personal and religious reasons. In the year 2014, around forty-eight states came under religious vaccine exemptions. Moreover, seventeen states was exempted because of stating personal reasons. The laws of the city vary, but it was clearly found that they were exempting the vaccination due to reasons like personal belief, conscientious and philosophical. Now the studies have proved that families who have avoided the vaccination are said to be because disease outbreaks. Their low immunization rate have become a reason for disease outbreaks. Moreover, it was confirmed that not only whooping cough made them to research and looked for evidence but also for the onset of various diseases like rubella, mumps, measles and other outbreaks. The vaccines will help about ninety-two percentage to prevent these conditions in children.

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