Beautiful Farmhouse Garden @ The Velveteen Habit in Oquinquite, ME

Beautiful Farmhouse Garden @ The Velveteen Habit in Oquinquite, ME

Nowadays, people disagree on a lot of things. But one thing’s for sure – we all love food. We have to admit that wherever we go, sooner or later we become perpetually hungry and restaurant hunting is the next task. The world has many flavors to offer, but we need not look very far to try different cuisines. The resort town Ogunquit in Maine is a bustling tourist location with plenty of restaurants that can cater to a variety of preferences and budgets.

Here are some personal favorite restaurants I believe you shouldn’t miss.

  1. The Omelette Factory

Starting the day right requires a good breakfast. Here in the Omelette Factory, you’ll be surprised to see an abundance of breakfast meals such as their renowned massive omelettes and American sandwiches.

  1. That Place in Ogunquit

Celebrations are special and the perfect restaurant to drink to another birthday or anniversary is this hideaway. The savory food complemented with wine in a cozy and romantic ambiance will make your dining experience memorable.

  1. The Velveteen Habit

This is on of, if not the best restaurant in Ogunquit. Everything here is perfectly crafted and the attention to detial doe snot go unnoticed. They even have a micro farm to source food from including vegetables, honeybee hives, small livestock, edible flowers and a full production greenhouse.

  1. The Lobster Shack

Since Ogunquit is known as a “beautiful place by the sea,” it’s no doubt that seafood will always be present in many menus. This humble shack located in Perkins Cove prides in its fresh lobsters, clams, and crabs. The restaurant is the most recommended seafood establishment with a spectacular view.

  1. Cornerstone Artisanal Pizza and Craft Beer

Let’s admit it. Pizza is one of the best comfort foods and if ever you find yourself craving for pizza, this is the place to go to in Ogunquit. Here you can order the classic pizza flavors and their specialties such as the glutten-free crust pizza and the pulled pork with cabbage pizza. Who knew that pizza can have so many exciting toppings?

  1. So Zap

If you’re looking for Asian cuisine, So Zap can satisfy that longing. Its vegan dishes and most-liked Thai recipes bring in more food enthusiasts. This restaurant definitely brought the exotic flavours of Thailand closer to us all. The Pad Thai, Penang Curry, and Tom Zap Soup (Tom Yum) are the house favorites.

In Ogunquit, there’s always a restaurant for everyone. It’s high time that you splurge on appetising food and your stomach will thank you big time.


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